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Relive The Super Bowl XX Winning Chicago Bears With The Players At The Arie Crown Theater

25 years ago, the Bears had all of Chicago doing the "Super Bowl Shuffle." Bears fans, if you're eager to re-live Super Bowl XX and memories of that team, you'll have your chance on Nov. 5 at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago. Richard Dent, Jim McMahon, Dan Hampton, Gary Fencik and Willie Gault are among the 1985 Bears who are expected to participate in “Glory Days, Legends of the Chicago Bears” with Mike Ditka.

Ditka took part in a similar tribute to the late coach Tom Landry earlier this year and thought the idea would translate well to the 1985 Super Bowl Champs.

Players from the '85 team can be seen all over town these days, and fans can't get enough of seeing them. Just last Friday, I personally saw Otis Wilson at the Jewel near my house. He was set up at a table signing autographs on anything people would hand him. When the line grew shorter, I decided to find out what was going on. Wilson said he was just out meeting the fans and signing autographs. While Bears merchandise was readily available next to him, a purchase was not necessary for an autograph. All I could find was the piece of paper I'd just been handed saying I had early-voted. I handed him the paper, which he cheerfully signed while listening to a couple of fans recount how they used to love to watch him play. It was a game by game recollection.

I needed to get home so I didn't hear if Wilson told these fans they could walk down memory lane with other members of that '85 team at the Arie Crown Theater on November 5 for $49, $99, $149 or $199. Tickets and VIP packages are available at Glory Days Chicago. Sadly, the most popular '85 Bear, Walter Payton, passed away a decade ago, but you can bet there will be many fond memories and probably a tribute or two.

If you're unable to attend, the event will also be televised by NBC5 Chicago as a one-hour special Dec. 4, Dec. 19 and Jan. 8. Also, a half-hour behind-the-scenes show will air Dec. 12, Dec. 18 and Dec. 25.