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Despite 4-1 Start, Bears Get No More Night Games

Each year, the NFL, under its TV contracts with Fox, NBC and ESPN, gets to move certain games from day to night under the "flex schedule" agreement. That's designed to get more important late-season games on the prime-time schedule.


It was announced today that no Bears games will be moved to prime time as a result of the flex schedule. However:

The Bears finish the home schedule with games against the Eagles (Nov. 28), the Patriots (Dec. 12) and the Jets (Dec. 26). Any of those games could be flexed to a 3:15 p.m. start, the team said.

And, the Bears already have two prime-time dates remaining on their schedule: Nov. 18 at Miami, which will be on the NFL Network (and WGN-TV locally if you don't have the NFL Network), and Dec. 20 vs. the Vikings, a Monday night game on ESPN (and WLS-Ch. 7 locally for cable-less viewers).