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Todd Collins' 6.2 Passer Rating Fifth Worst Bears QB Performance Since 1960

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Thanks to the Play Index at Pro Football Reference, here are the five Bears QB performances since 1960 with a rating lower than Todd Collins’ 6.2 today:

Jim McMahon, 6.1 vs. Vikings on 10/9/1983
Jack Concannon, 6.0 vs. Vikings on 12/5/1970
Jim Miller, 4.9 vs. Dolphins on 12/9/2002
Bob Avellini, 4.9 vs. Chargers on 12/4/1978

Bobby Douglass matched Collins’ 6.2 vs. the Broncos on 12/5/1971.

The Bears lost all five of those games. Amazingly enough, it appears they will win today despite Collins’ extremely poor performance.

UPDATE: The search I ran must have been flawed; there are about 20 such performances. However, today is only the third time the Bears have actually won with a QB with a passer rating this low.