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Bears Lead At Halftime On Forte Touchdowns; Quarterbacking Awful

It’s a good thing Matt Forte had the two touchdown runs, because Todd Collins did not distinguish himself at quarterback, completing five of 11 passes for 26 yards and three interceptions.

Carolina’s Jimmy Clausen didn’t play very well either, completing three of six for 20 yards and an interception.

Two of the interceptions were on tipped passes by defensive linemen, including one by Julius Peppers.

Sun-Times Bears beat writer Sean Jensen sums it up best:

Collins passer rating is 16.6. Clausen has a rating of 18.0.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

The highest possible passer rating in the NFL is 158.3. Those ratings are… bad. Actual ratings at halftime, shortly after that tweet: Collins 12.9, Clausen 18.1.