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Big Ten Digest

Big Ten Digest: Let's Talk Football...

Happy Valley is in crisis and the rest of the conference is looking at games that could determine the outcome of their seasons... Week Eleven in the Big Ten is shaping up to be a significant one.

Big Ten Digest: Does Anyone Care About the B1G This Week?

The big stories this week in college football are all in the SEC... Meanwhile the B1G plays host to a routine week that will only be entertaining if all hell breaks loose.

Big Ten Digest: All Quiet On The Midwestern Front

The Big Ten Digest returns with a look at the news in the conference and a preview of the games and odds in week four...

Big Ten Digest: Bowl Season Kicks Off For The Conference As Iowa And Illinois Take On The Big 12

The Big Ten bowl season kicks off when the Iowa Hawkeyes and Illinois Fightin' Illini take on Big 12 foes the Missouri Tigers and the Baylor Bears... I go in depth with simulations to see which teams will come out on top.

Big Ten Digest: Bowls, Bowls, Bowls (Part II)

Selection Sunday is over and we know where the Big Ten teams are going and who they're playing in the bowl games. Now the question is, will they win when they get there?

Big Ten Digest: Bowls, Bowls, Bowls (Part I)

So we know that Wisconsin is Pasadena bound, but where will the rest of the conference be spending their late December and January days? I make predictions in part one of the Digest's weekend bowl coverage...

Big Ten Digest: The End Is Nigh

A late edition of the Digest takes a look at Big Ten championship Saturday... three teams are competing for two BCS bowl bids and the conference crown. Who will end up the victors when the music stops?

Big Ten Digest: California Dreamin'

After Iowa fell in Evanston, three teams remain dreaming of Pasadena. Oh, and there's something about ESPN and a football game in a baseball field.

Big Ten Digest: Jenga!

As we march towards the end of the season, the top teams in the Big Ten attempt to maintain their precarious balance. Will this be the week that one of them is toppled?

Big Ten Digest: Anarchy In The BT!

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria... a four way tie at the top of the conference! Where does the Big Ten go from here?

Big Ten Digest: Ridin' Solo

Michigan State is driving towards a Big Ten championship, but Iowa wants to run them off the road... who will emerge from this weekend with a victory?

Big Ten Digest: Two Eggs Over Easy With A Side Of Upset

Wisconsin did it to Ohio State. Now, Northwestern is looking to topple the current Big Ten king of the hill...

Big Ten Digest: And Then There Were Two...

As week seven arrives in the Big Ten, the question is: will Ohio State retain the No. 1 ranking in the country, or will they be upset by the Badgers at Camp Randall?

Big Ten Digest: The Biggest And Strongest Conference In All Of College Football

Week six in the Big Ten features two lumberjack themed rivalry games and one team hunting for a major upset...

Big Ten Digest: It's Heeeeeere! Conference Play Finally Starts In The Big Ten

Conference play begins in the Big Ten with two match-ups of undefeated teams and a showdown between rivals looking to smell roses...

Big Ten Digest: Only One More Week Of Non-Con Games!

After an unexpected week three, the Big Ten has become much more competitive. Where does the conference go from here?

Big Ten Digest: It's Pac-10 Week In The Big Ten!

The Big Ten looks to show it's the better conference as it hosts three Pac-10 teams in week three...

Big Ten Digest: After A Great Opener, The Conference Plays Host To The No. 1 Team In The Country

Can Penn State take down Alabama? Will Michigan continue its resurgence? Find out in this week's Big Ten Digest!

Big Ten Digest: Week One Action Begins Thursday

Which Big Ten game should you be watching on Saturday? What team is most likely to lose their season opener? SB Nation Chicago takes a look in the weekly Big Ten Digest.