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Z.W. Martin has written for, Vine Line,,, and a host of other websites. Outside of SB Nation Chicago, he is the Director of Baseball Operations for AcademyELITE Baseball in Glenview. He is a graduate of New Trier High School and Miami (OH) University. He lives in Lincoln Park.

Theo Epstein's Stalker Arrested Near Lakeview Home

Kathleen Kearney, 44, of Canton, Mass. was arrested last week for stalking Theo Epstein, something she has done before.

Brian Urlacher's Girlfriend Jenny McCarthy Texts Naked Picture To Her Son's Dentist

Jenny McCarthy, you and your boobs do the wackiest things!

Ray Clay, The PA From The Bulls Dynasty Years, Introduces Wedding Party

VIDEO: Ray Clay announces wedding party.

2012 MLB Draft: An Interview With Wilmette Native And Reds Draft Pick Ben Klimesh

Z.W. Martin interviews Ben Klimesh, the Wilmette, IL native and 15th round draft pick of the Reds. He also shares the the RHP's intriguing story of being cut in high school to becoming an MLB draft pick.

Marcus Jordan Propositions Porn Star On Twitter

9:53 AM / On A Wednesday / Chicago, IL / Marcus Jordan tries to pay a porn star for sex via Twitter.

Sale's success no surprise

Chris Sale struck out 15 Rays on Monday. He's currently fourth in the MLB in WAR for pitchers. Z.W. Martin explains why this shouldn't be a shock and how the White Sox secured the extremely talented Sale with the 13th overall pick in 2010.

Brian Urlacher Is Dating Jenny McCarthy, OMG You Guys!

BREAKING: Brian Urlacher is totes making out with Jenny McCarthy. Break out your pajamas. It's gossip time!

What To Watch This Summer Now That The Bulls Are Done: An SB Nation Chicago Roundtable

The SB Nation Chicago staff discuss what they are looking forward to watching now that the Blackhawks and Bulls have both been eliminated from their respective playoff.

Are The Bulls Finished? An SB Nation Chicago Roundtable

The Chicago Bulls face elimination tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 5 at the United Center. Can Chicago win without Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah?

So Call Me, Maybe: Cubs Ball Girl Gives Out Her Digits (VIDEO)

So call me, maybe? Chicago Cubs ball girl wants you to call her, some-random-guy-and/or-professional-baseball-player