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Mock Draft: Bears need linemen and linebackers

The Bears have made strong moves to address the offensive line and linebacker corps this offseason. Expect both areas to remain priorities during the 2013 NFL Draft, according to mock draft experts.

Leon Sandcastle wins the night

The 2013 Super Bowl commercials, with the Leon Sandcastle ad for NFL Network starring Deion Sanders arguably the best of the lot. Check out some of the highlights.

The first round NFL Draft order is set

Super Bowl XLVII has wrapped, and so has the 2013 first round NFL Draft order. The Ravens will have the last pick of the first round after defeating the 49ers on Sunday. The Bears, meanwhile, are still locked into the No. 20 slot.

AXE has its own space program, apparently

AXE's first Super Bowl commercial promises to send one lucky person into outer space.

Cubs Vs. Reds Lineups: Saturday Pits Jeff Samardzija Against Johnny Cueto

The lineups are set for Game 2 of the four-game series between the Cubs and Reds on Saturday. Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto will start on the mound.