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Hilary Lee is a contributing editor at SBN Chicago as well as a contributor to Off Tackle Empire. She is a law student at Northwestern University and complete Chicago sports fanatic. She spends most of her time reading casebooks, and watching/listening to/thinking about sports.

The New NCAA Penalty Matrix: The NCAA Finally Gets It Right

The NCAA has issued proposed changes to how it punishes infractions. And they've finally come up with something that could have a real impact...

Bowl Pick'Em Guide: December 26th - 27th

Heading into the thick of the bowl schedule, the SB Nation Chicago Bowl Pick'Em guide has got you covered for December 26th - 27th. Who should you put your confidence in this week?

Bowl Pick'Em Guide: December 20th-24th

As week two of bowl season starts, who should you bank on in your pick'em tournaments? SB Nation Chicago takes a look...

An All-SEC BCS Championship? Auburn Is College Football's Only Hope

Please don't make us see a SEC rematch. Please don't make us see a rematch. Please?

Big Ten Digest: Let's Talk Football...

Happy Valley is in crisis and the rest of the conference is looking at games that could determine the outcome of their seasons... Week Eleven in the Big Ten is shaping up to be a significant one.

Big Ten Digest: Does Anyone Care About the B1G This Week?

The big stories this week in college football are all in the SEC... Meanwhile the B1G plays host to a routine week that will only be entertaining if all hell breaks loose.

Big Ten Lessons: Week Eight

Week Eight gave us a wild ride in the Big Ten... Check out the quick takeaways from Saturday's action in the conference.

Big Ten Digest: All Quiet On The Midwestern Front

The Big Ten Digest returns with a look at the news in the conference and a preview of the games and odds in week four...

Sox Waste Opportunity To Gain Ground In Central With 8-0 Loss

Strong Start By Wells Backed By Cubs Timely Hitting Seals Victory