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Dennis Tarwood is a writer for SB Nation Chicago. He has written under his own name or the moniker "Tuffy" for Deadspin, SportsbyBROOKS, Yahoo! Sports, SB Nation, SLAM Online, Gizmodo, Blogcritics, Technorati, and so on.

NBA Predictions You Should Ignore Completely

SB Nation Chicago's Dennis Tarwood is here with some NBA predictions for the 2012-2013 season.

Knicks plagued by egos; Dumars at fault in Detroit

The New York Knicks are famous and the Detroit Pistons are infamous. Find out why neither are helpful this season.

Rockets, Grizzlies don't have enough to compete

SB Nation Chicago's 2012-2013 NBA season preview is here. Dennis Tarwood takes a look at the Houston Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies.

Play time for Carlos Boozer isn't over

Carlos Boozer uses the same trainer as his kids, blocks as many shots as them.

Scalsanity Over: Brian Scalabrine's Nonsense Negotiations Finally End

Brian Scalabrine's finally settled on a Boston broadcasting job after a very public job hunt. It's odd how much we knew about that search, considering the sources. Did Benny the Bull soak us with leaks?

Euro 2012: Chicago Soccer Bars To Know

Your one-stop shopping for two-hour drinking lunches during Euro 2012, the European football championship tournament

Your SB Nation Chicago Big Hurt Beer Taste Test

We tried Frank Thomas' malt liquor so you don't have to. We wish you'd done it instead.

How Magglio Ordóñez Became A Diacritical Symbol

Magglio Ordóñez's impending retirement reminds us all of the legend of The Big Tilde. Or, at least, now it will.

The Defeat Of Joe Ricketts: The Ricketts Plan To End Spending At Wrigley Field For Good

Cubs patriarch Joe Ricketts is priming for a brutal and vulgar battle this fall. If you don't side with him, there's no reason for you to wait to join the fight.

Dale Sveum's Best Asset Isn't His Tattoos

SBN Chicago apocryphally speaks to the computational mind behind the Chicago Cubs' new braintrust to find out Dale Sveum's most important role in the organization.