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Brian is an avid runner who has completed over 20 half marathons, one full marathon, and many smaller races with plans on doing a lot more. Brian runs on average about 25-30 miles per week. He resides in Jackson, WI with his wife Heidi.

Chicago Marathon Tips: Don't Forget To Fuel Up

Are you properly fueled before heading out for your long run?

2012 Chicago Marathon Training Tips: So You've Signed Up, Now What?

Harness the excitement of registration to get to the starting line healthy and ready to run.

2012 Chicago Marathon: Registration Opens February 1st

Chicago Marathon registration is now open. Sign up now as it will fill up quickly.

Chicago Marathon Training Tips: StrengthTraining

Add some weight training to spice up and kick start your training.

Chicago Marathon Training: Tips for Cold Weather Running

Tips and other things to keep in mild while running in cold weather.

Chicago Marathon Training: Surviving the Holidays

Tips for surviving the holiday season

Chicago Marathon Training Tips: Dealing With A Bad Run

Take that bad run or race and improve.

Chicago Marathon Training: The Treadmill Can Be Your Friend

There are some fun and creative ways to incorporate running on a treadmill to keep your fitness level high over the winter.

2011 Chicago Marathon: Post Race Tips And Advice

Are you experiencing a little let down after the marathon? Try these tips to stay positive and enjoy the experience.

2011 Chicago Marathon: What Is Your Race Game Plan?

Have you given any thought to how you will run the Chicago Marathon?