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Bradley Woodrum is a freelance writer with degrees in English and economics, and a contributing columnist for DRaysBay. He co-founded the blog Cubs Stats and has penned award-winning poetry and nationally published short stories. He presently works as a freelance editor for economics, finance, and accounting textbooks by day; and by night, he straps on leotards and a cape, walks into the next room of his house, and blogs about the world of baseball. In his free time, Bradley also composes music, makes little movies, and plays basketball in Chinatown – all of which is code for “watches Spongebob and old Robotech episodes in pajama pants while eating Nutella straight from the jar.” Readers who cannot get enough of Brad, which the American Public Health Association now recognizes as a genetic disorder, may find his artsy-fartsy, mamby-pamby poetry and short stories on his blog, Homebody and Woman.

Cubs Vs. Padres Preview: Chicago Aims To Even Series On Tuesday

The Cubs send a rookie to the mound Tuesday night, looking to secure their first win of the San Diego Padres series.

Mike Martz In Your Ears: Former Bears Offensive Coordinator Now On-Air Talent

Derrick Rose Injury Update: Bulls Point Guard To Begin Stationary Court Work Soon, According To Report

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls will progress to the next, crucial stage of his rehab next week.

London 2012 Olympics: Women's Basketball Prepares To Face Team Australia

With the help of some Chicago Sky players, Team USA rolled into its first bracket victory. Now they must beat Liz Cambage and Team Australia.

Chris Sale Has The League's Best Slider, According To Baseball America

Bears Depth Chart: Chicago Sets First Unofficial Depth Chart

Angels Vs. White Sox: MLB Denies Angels' Protest To Friday's Result

The controversial play from Friday's White Sox-Angels game will not result in any action from the MLB league office.

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Royals Vs. White Sox: Kansas City Takes Series Rubber Match With 2-1 Victory

The White Sox were defeated by the Royals on Wednesday.

Royals Vs. White Sox Preview: Chris Sale Squares Off Against Luis Mendoza

The White Sox send Cy Young candidate Chris Sale to the mound Monday night against the Royals.

A.J. Pierzynski Positioned To Break White Sox Home Run Record