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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Bears take Jonathan Cooper

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Chicago needs more help on the offensive line, making Cooper a prudent pick.


The Chicago Bears fell one game short of the playoffs in 2012, finishing with a 10-6 record.

One of the biggest issues the team faced was once again not having a quality offensive line to open holes for Matt Forte nor protect Jay Cutler, which is why in SB Nation's latest mock draft, Chicago nabs North Carolina Tar Heels guard Jonathan Cooper with the No. 20 overall pick.

Cooper is a mountain of a man at 6'3 and 310 pounds, and yet possesses ample quickness to get to the second level of defenses. The ex-Tar Heel is a solid pass protector but his greatest strength is mauling defensive tackles, something a run-heavy offense loves to hear.

Cooper is one of two guards projected to be first-round picks, along with Chance Warmack of the Alabama Crimson Tide, but Warmack is expected to be long gone when the Bears make a selection.

All told, Cooper would be a great addition to a team that desperately needs to upgrade its front.

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