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Best Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Leon Sandcastle wins the night

The 2013 Super Bowl commercials, with the Leon Sandcastle ad for NFL Network starring Deion Sanders arguably the best of the lot. Check out some of the highlights.

Jason Miller

The 2013 Super Bowl is over, and outside of a 34-minute delay due to a power outage, the event delivered. The San Francisco 49ers put up a valiant comeback to erase a 22-point deficit against the Baltimore Ravens, Beyonce put on a killer halftime show, and perhaps most importantly, this year's commercials were pretty solid.

For more ads you may have missed, check out SB Nation Super Bowl commercial hub

The NFL Network definitely won over the hearts of sports fans with its Leon Sandcastle commercial, starring Deion Sanders as a 2013 NFL Draft hopeful. The Twitter buzz was palpable, to say the least.

You can check out that commercial, and five more of the best ads of the night below. Highlights include old people gone wild and AXE promising to send someone into space:

Leon Sandcastle for NFL Network

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen ham it up for Samsung

Old people live it up for Taco Bell

Young man makes lasting high school memory courtesy of Audi

AXE has a space program