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Super Bowl XLVII commercials: Nabisco brings in Big Foot

Nabisco wants you to know that your Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins need protecting. The dog might want them. Or the neighbor. Or Bigfoot. Beware.

If you're looking for a gameday snack to enjoy during the Super Bowl, Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins just might fit the bill. But if that's what you go with, be warned that others might want to take them from you. The dog might beg. Your neighbor, Ted, might drop in unexpectedly. Or perhaps Bigfoot will come running through your house in the middle of the night to grab a few.

This lucky owner happened to be prepared for an encounter with the Yeti. Unfortunately for him, however, that battle left his Wheat Thins unguarded.

Enter Ted.

Give this guy credit for taking on Bigfoot himself, but you have to wonder where this family's dedication really was. The wife here stood motionless and shocked when Ted came in to steal the coveted snack, so she was no help. And our friend with the night vision goggles thought the beast he was trying to tackle was more impressive than the very Wheat Thins he was trying to protect.

Perhaps he should rethink his priorities before committing to such a delicious snack.