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NHL lockout over: Season could begin as soon as Jan. 15

The NHL's shortened season could begin as soon as Jan. 15, with Jan. 19 as the more likely start date.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

After 112 hockey-less days, the NHL lockout is finally over.

The owners and players finally reached terms on Sunday, just in time to save the regular season. The NHL will now put together a 48-game shortened schedule followed by a full playoff schedule. The season is scheduled to begin on Jan. 19 but could resume on Jan. 15 if the process goes quickly, according to Pierre LaBrun of ESPN.

The schedule will be put together in the next two or three days, according to Aaron Potrzline of the Columbus Dispatch. Teams still do not have any indication as to where or when they will begin their season.

The possibility of any season at all was dwindling prior to Sunday as the two sides still could not come to an agreement after almost four months of negotiations. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman had marked Jan. 11 as the absolute last day when an agreement could be reached where a shortened season was still possible.