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2013 Super Bowl commercials: AXE wants to send you into space

AXE's first Super Bowl commercial promises to send one lucky person into outer space.


AXE wants to send you into space, in addition to its mission to make you smell so good that women will risk bodily harm to throw themselves at your feet. Their new ad, set to air Feb. 3 during Super Bowl XLVII, is promoting a contest to send one lucky winner to the edge of outer space as part of their newly-formed AXE Apollo Space Academy. They are doing this because, as their new ad so effectively demonstrates, "nothing beats an astronaut" when it comes to wooing prospective female partners.


Yes people, that is correct: Nothing you have ever accomplished -- no feat of daring, strength or intellect -- will ever make you a more desirable object of lust than becoming an astronaut, according to AXE. Also, a company dedicated to making your normally smelly parts smell better has its own space program and this is normal.