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UFC in Chicago: Success

UFC on Fox 6 in Chicago was arguably the best UFC on Fox yet and the greatest MMA event ever held in the Midwest.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

UFC on Fox 6 at the United Center had an action packed title fight and two entertaining knockouts on an exciting main card. The event scored a preliminary rating of 4.22 million viewers, third highest rated UFC show ever.

The flyweight championship match between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson was high-paced and drama filled. Johnson got beat in the first two rounds but fought back to retain his title in the first ever UFC flyweight title defense.

A star was born on national television with Glover Teixeira's dominance over Rampage Jackson and continuing his 18 fight win streak. Anthony Pettis had a quick and inventive win over Donald Cerrone, launching Pettis to the front of the line for a title shot against Benson Henderson.

Illinois natives, Ricardo Lamas and Clay Guida won, Mike Russow lost. Lamas has a devastating ground and pound TKO of Erik Koch. Guida had close, tough win against Hatsu Hioki. Russow beat up Shawn Jordan in the first round, but the tables turned in the second round when Jordan knocked Russow out.

Vladimir Matyushenko was submitted by Ryan Bader for the first time in his 33 career fights and it took only 50 seconds, which is a UFC light heavyweight record.

Bader received a $50,000 bonus for submission of the night. Pettis received a $50,000 bonus for knockout of the night. Johnson and Dodson both received a $50,000 bonus for fight of the night. UFC on FOX 6 had an attendance of 16,091 for a gate of $1,27 million, which is the same gate from last year's Chicago UFC event.

Although the event was a success, the UFC needs more frequent visits and better scheduling.

The top two out of three highest rated UFC shows were in Chicago. What does this mean? Chicago is a big city and a big draw. It gets more publicity and more viewers because of the big city media coverage.

Las Vegas is a great atmosphere, but it makes it hard for fans and media to travel. The lack of media outlets and a diverse geographical fan base means less exposure, fans and money. Sorry Dana White, but you are losing money in Las Vegas that's why it's called lost wages. Boxing started dying when all the big fights were in Vegas.

There isn't one Las Vegas UFC fight in the top 25 in paid attendance, all three Chicago UFC events crack the top 25. The UFC's best chance to continue growing and gaining new fans is traveling to large cities. Having the shows in different areas gives fans a chance to see a live event without flying.

The scheduling is also all messed up. The UFC should always have the cold weather cities' events in the summer and Vegas fights in the winter, it's common sense. Who wants to go to Chicago when it's 0 degrees and Las Vegas when it's 120 degrees?

People watching at home don't care where the fight is as long as it's a good card. A big fight is like the Super Bowl, it's going to be a hot ticket where ever it is.

If the UFC put on Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva in Chicago in the summer, they should have no problem compiling $5 million in total gate. If the UFC put on Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, they could possibly draw $15 million in total gate.

UFC on Fox 6 Grades

Demetrious Johnson (17-2-1) defeats John Dodson (14-6) by unanimous decision

Johnson rarely got knocked down, he got dropped twice. Dodson had never been taken down in the UFC, he got taken down five times. The title fight was energetic, dramatic and unpredictable. What else could a fan want?

Grade: A

Glover Teixeira (20-2) defeats Quinton Jackson (32-11) by unanimous decision

Grade: B

Teixeira manhandled Jackson, Rampage didn't show up.

Anthony Pettis (16-2) defeats Donald Cerrone (19-5-2) by TKO

Grade: B-

This fight was billed as fight of the night, instead Pettis made quick work of Cerrone with a TKO body shot.

Ricardo Lamas (13-2) defeats Erik Koch (13-2) by TKO

Grade: B+

Lamas destroyed part of Koch's face. The Chicago native could face the winner of Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar for the featherweight title.

Clay Guida (30-13) defeats by unanimous decision Hatsu Hioki (26-6-2)

Grade: C+

Guida stalled his way to a victory, but the crowd erupted when his victory was announced.

Shawn Jordan (14-4) defeats by TKO Mike Russow (15-3-1)

Grade: B+

Both fighters dominated one round, Jordan survived and finished Russow.