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2013 NFL Mock Draft: At least one expert projects Manti Te'o to the Bears and no I am not lying

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From one of the greatest linebackers in NFL history to one of the most perplexing the sport has ever seen? It could happen.

Jonathan Daniel

It has been an insane offseason so far for Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o and I can only mean that in the most literal of senses. While the stories surrounding the girlfriend that never was continue to swirl and get weirder, the fact remains that somebody is going to draft Te'o and give him an NFL contract. Many still expect the controversial middle linebacker to get drafted on day one, but which team will take him?

Despite having an anemic offense and a great defense, Dane Brugler of CBS Sports thinks that Te'o would actually be a good fit ... for the Bears:

But here is where we might start to see the ramifications of Taylor Lewan and Jake Matthews deciding to return to school, pushing other offensive tackles, arguably Chicago's top need, up the draft board and possibly out of the Bears' range. Nonetheless, Te'o would give the Bears a young face for an older defense.

While it is true that the Bears have a serious need at tackle and that Brian Urlacher will be 35, could their still be options on offense available at pick 20 that would better suit Chicago? Or perhaps it would be better to trade up or down. The Bears were just on the cusp of a playoff run midseason before falling apart for the second year in a row, mainly due to offensive woes.

Maybe it should be offense or bust for the Bears this time around. Drafting Te'o almost seems like ... phoning it in.