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NFL Picks Week 1: Experts See Consensus In Bears Over Colts

It's not always easy to get sports writers to all agree on something, but experts from ESPN, CBS Sports and Yahoo! Sports are all in agreement that the Chicago Bears should beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday afternoon. Of the combined 27 experts listed by the three sites, none have picked the Colts to win in Andrew Luck's NFL debut.

Entering the season, the Bears are considered one of the better teams in the NFC, so it's not surprising that they're favored to beat the Colts. There's certainly a good deal of hype surround Luck, but Indianapolis went 2-14 last season, and Chicago is considered a possible Super Bowl contender in many circles.

It is worth noting that the expert opinions aren't always totally useful, though: the same 27 experts all agreed that the New York Giants would defeat the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday night in the 2012 season kickoff. Dallas won 24-17 behind a great performance from Tony Romo.

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