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Chicago Bears Injury Report: Questions Remain On Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher sat out practice on Thursday, a coach's decision to prevent further aggravation of an injured knee, reports CSN Chicago. Head coach Lovie Smith downplayed the significance of Urlacher's absence:

"I just don't think he needs any more than a couple of days in a week. He's had trouble with the knee, so we're not going to push the knee through the week. We've done that in the past with a lot of guys, though, this is no big issue at all."

Urlacher has a history of frequent injury over the last few seasons, and the 2012 preseason seemed to indicate more of the same for the Bears defensive Pro Bowler. The team is taking things easy, though, and Urlacher appears to be ready to play in Chicago's season-opener against the Indianapolis Colts. That question may be settled, but how much of a standard NFL season his body is capable of withstanding is still unknown.

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