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Derrick Rose Dives Into The Pizza Game

Chicago is very much a part of Derrick Rose. The city is featured prominently in his commercials and even on his signature shoes. The Bulls point guard often speaks candidly about never wanting to leave his hometown. Chicago loves Derrick Rose and Derrick Rose loves Chicago. And like any good Chicagoan, Rose also loves pizza. That's why Rose's newest business venture makes plenty of sense.


Darren Rovell reported on Wednesday that Rose is set to join Chicago-based pizza restaurant Giordano's as an equity partner. Giordano's is a Chicago staple looking to branch out nationally, and Rose's image will be used to help move pizza. The company is said to be targeting Big 10 college cities, as well as Texas and California. The agreement means Rose will get a cut of the revenue, as well as (presumably) a hefty amount of complimentary deep dish pizza.


What does Derrick Rose's involvement mean for Giordano's? Two words: Skittles pizza.