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Lance Briggs Thinks The Bears 'Deserve To Win Super Bowl'

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs believes it's time for the Bears to win the Super Bowl. Talking to, Briggs said "We deserve to go to a Super Bowl. We all do. The city. People have worked hard for it. It’s time."

Briggs is entering his tenth season with the Bears and believes that the 2012 team is the most talented of the bunch, better than the 2006 team that won the NFC Championship and lost to the Colts in Super Bowl XLI. Said Briggs, "This is the best overall team, athletically and all the rest, that I’ve been part of. Production-wise, you don’t know. To validate that, we have to go through the season and see."

Briggs may think it's the best Bears team he has been a part of, but they only come in at No. 10 in the Week 1 SB Nation NFL Power Rankings. The Bears open their season and their quest for a Super Bowl on Sept. 9 when they host the Indianapolis Colts.

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