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Darwin Barney’s errorless streak ends at 141 games

An off-the-mark throw in the 8th inning allowed a run to score, and kept Barney tied with Placido Polanco for the major league record.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

The Cubs don't have much going for them as their season winds down.

After losing for the 98th time Friday, tying the most single-season losses since 2000, they have one less point of optimisim. But not because of the loss. Second baseman Darwin Barney's major league record tying 141 games without an error streak ended Friday on a play in the 8th inning.

A grounder hit by Diamondbacks center fielder Justin Upton dribbled to the right of Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney. He fielded it and made a throw to first off-balance.

It was off-the-mark, and wasn't fielded cleanly by first baseman Anthony Rizzo. Upton reached on a single, but Aaron Hill scored on the play, which made the throw by Barney an error.

It was the last chance Barney would make in the game, leaving him one out short of the record, held by Placido Polanco.

The Cubs head into Saturday evening's game in Arizona at 59-98. They'll need to win four of their last five games - two more with the Diamondbacks, and a three-game series in Chicago with the Astros - to avoid the 100-loss mark.