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Notre Dame Reaction: Blog One Foot Down hoping for offensive improvement

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are 4-0 and shooting up the polls, but the staff over at Notre Dame blog One Foot Down are not totally happy with how the team looks. The Irish have been buoyed by a great defense, but aside from a big opening day win over Navy, the offense has struggled. In dissecting Notre Dame's 13-6 win over the Michigan Wolverines, the focus was on why the offense is struggling so much:

Losing the most prolific receiver in program history

Starting a redshirt freshman at quarterback

New position coaches and a "new" offensive coordinator

A star running back who was suspended for the first two games and can't seem to keep himself out of the coaches' doghouse

A killer defense that negates the need to put up a lot of points

Inconsistent offensive line play and bad run blocking in general

Head over to One Foot Down to see some very detailed breakdowns of Notre Dame's offensive line, why they are struggling, and how the problems can be fixed.