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Bryan LaHair hopes to be back with Cubs in 2013

Despite his recent struggles on the field, Chicago Cubs first baseman Bryan LaHair hopes to be back with the team next season, as Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago writes. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, LaHair spoke of his commitment to the organization:

I look at it as I'm a Chicago Cub. I plan on being back here next year. I've said before: Until I hear from Theo and Jed and those guys that I'm not a part of this, then I plan on being back. I don't see why I wouldn't be at this point. I'm obviously a pretty good asset to have, still.

Earlier this year, LaHair was spoken about as one of the league's major breakout players following an appearance at the All Star Game, but he's since fallen on hard times. Since the beginning of June, the 29-year-old has hit .212/.279/.332 with five homers over 201 plate appearances.

The club's starting first baseman to begin the season, he was bumped to the outfield midseason by the promotion of Anthony Rizzo, and he soon saw his playing time in the outfield dwindle as well after Brett Jackson's call up. Now on the bench, it's not entirely clear where he would play next season.