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Michael Jordan named honorary member of U.S. Ryder Cup team

Davis Love III, an old friend of Michael Jordan's dating back to college, named the Bulls legend an honorary member of this year's Ryder Cup team.

Scott Halleran - Getty Images

Michael Jordan has been tabbed as an honorary member of the this year's U.S. Ryder Cup team by American captain Davis Love III. According to Love, Jordan doesn't have any nominal duties beyond, well, hanging out.

"We're going to have him in the team room if he wants to come in. Or we're going to have him hang out in the locker room," Love said Tuesday. "He's just a good motivation for a lot of these guys that don't know him. He doesn't have an official role except for he's one of our buddies and we like having him around."

(via ESPN Chicago)

The two have a friendship dating back to when they attended the University of North Carolina, where Jordan would tag along with Love and Buzz Peterson when the duo would play golf. Tiger Woods told reporters on Tuesday that he's excited about the prospect of Jordan being around.

"To have him be a part of this, it's priceless for a lot of these guys," Woods said. "Because I consider him like my big brother and have gotten to know him so well over the years, I may take that for granted. But some of the other guys who don't really know Michael, I think it's a real treat for them."

Jordan, of course, is an avid golfer. According to Love, the basketball legend has attended every Ryder Cup since 1995.