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NHL lockout: Blackhawks' Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews growing frustrated

Many Chicago Blackhawks players are getting more and more frustrated with the NHL lockout, but they're not going to panic just yet.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks players find themselves in the same position as every other player in the NHL: locked out with no relief in sight. While many of the players are incredibly frustrated with the way things are going, they're not going to panic. CSN Chicago had some player quotes in which Patrick Kane talks about staying positive about the whole situation:

"You always want to be positive and hope for the best. Hopefully they can figure it out," Kane said. "It's tough saying the same things over and over. We all want to play hockey. Waiting's not fun, but it's really the only option we have right now."

There's no panic at this point likely because we're just over a week into the lockout. Given commissioner Gary Bettman's track record with labor disputes, this lockout feels like it's been going on for some time now, which is aided by the fact that it was a relative certainty in the months leading up to the league officially locking out the players, capped off by a lack of negotiations 24 hours out of that particular deadline.

Right now, both sides insist that the other needs to make a move. The league believes that the ball is in the players' court, given that their introductory proposal hasn't changed much, if at all, while the league has made some concessions. The players believe their offer is fair and that this situation is a product of the owners and the league, given the system was created by them.

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