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Kerry Wood Would Like To See Sammy Sosa Involved With Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have honored Kerry Wood with Kerry Wood Appreciation Day, and now, he's hoping to earn a role with the team in some form or fashion, though not as a player or coach. Wood says he wants to be around the players, and that he thinks he has a lot to offer the team after spending 12 season with the organization prior to his retirement in May.

Wood isn't just looking to get himself a position though, as he believes many former players have a lot they can offer the players and the organization in general. According to Sarah Trotto of CSN Chicago, Wood mentioned Sammy Sosa and Ryne Sandberg as guys who could return to the organization:

"Sammy and (Mark) McGwire pretty much single-handedly brought the fans back just to baseball (in 1998), and Sammy did tremendous things for the city," Wood said. "We all know how he left and how it ended with him, but ultimately that one mistake that he made at the end shouldn't determine his future here in Chicago. He did too much for the city."

Wood will be at spring training and the Cubs convention, and he is a big supporter on many of the changes that have been occurring with the roster of late. Since he's gone, many of his former teammates were traded away or released, and according to the piece, he supports them to help get the franchise on the winning track and into the postseason.

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