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South Dakota Vs. Northwestern 2012 Final Score: Wildcats Dominate, Win 38-7

The Northwestern Wildcats completed their bid for a 4-0 start by dominating the South Dakota Coyotes on Saturday. Northwestern managed to put up 28 points in the first half to run away with the game and eventually secure a 38-7 victory in the end. Venric Mark carried the ball 16 times and picked up 117 yards and three touchdowns, including a rush of 47 yards.

Northwestern rushed for 277 yards altogether, with Treyvon Green, Tyris Jones, Kain Colter and Tim Hanrahan all notching at least 30 yards on the day. Green and Jones also took in rushing touchdowns, while neither Trevor Siemian nor Kain Colter managed to toss a touchdown pass. They finished with 131 yards combined (also counting a 13-yard pass from Zack Oliver).

South Dakota, on the other hand, only managed 51 yards on the ground, with quarterback Josh Vander Maten leading the way with nine keepers for 38 yards and a touchdown. He also threw for 189 yards, but didn't manage a touchdown pass. The score came late in the third quarter when it was already too late.

Northwestern will next take on Indiana on Saturday, while the Coyotes will have a game against Illinois State.

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