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Illini Basketball Recruiting: Kendrick Nunn Could Be Valuable Addition For Illini

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Kendrick Nunn, a guard from Chicago, could end up being Illinois' biggest recruit.

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Kendrick Nunn, who committed to play basketball at Illinois on Saturday, will likely be a key edition for the Illini on and off the court. Nunn hails from Chicago, fertile ground for basketball recruiting, and he happens to be the first player from the Windy City to commit to new head coach John Groce. For recruiting purposes, Nunn's commitment helps Groce establish inroads in important territory.

"You have to turn on the spigot at some point," ESPN senior national basketball analyst Dave Telep said. "Anytime you can get a bona fide Big Ten player, he's from the city you want to make some inroads, I think it's a significant commitment."

A 6'2" guard and senior at Simeon Career Academy, Nunn may not be at the top of the recruiting rankings -- he can be found anywhere from 36th to 60th overall -- but he's an experienced winner and doesn't have trouble fitting into new systems. He is the kind of player that can greatly improve a team.

"He's a winner, and he's tough," (Simeon head coach Robert) Smith said. "He's a basketball player. Guys like to play with him. Guys know he's going to give it 110 (percent) every time he steps out there. Guys like the way he plays the game."

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