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Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers Handled Apologies Differently

The Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler disappointed fans and analysts with their performance in Week 2 against Aaron Rodgers and the the Green Bay Packers last Thursday night, and it seems every new development is becoming a partial referendum on Cutler's (in)ability to lead. Cutler set off a firestorm of criticism after he bumped left tackle J'Marcus Webb out of frustration during the disastrous Thursday night showcase game, while Rodgers barely caught anyone's attention when he chewed out receiver James Jones for incorrectly running a route and causing a turnover during the second half of Green Bay's win. The story about Cutler's conduct won't die, and the newest tentacle of the tale has apparently turned into an informal apology contest.

You see, Cutler and Rodgers both appear on radio shows during the week leading up to games, and the media in each city has made it a point to ask about the on-field incidents with teammates leading up to the Week 3 action. Rodgers fell on the sword when asked about how he felt regarding his moment with James Jones (via ESPN Milwaukee):

That was something I apologized for because I never want to show up a guy on the field like that. And I also had to thank James for the way that he addressed it as well. I always appreciate support from (my) guys...we just enjoy him attitude and energy in the locker room and that was something that, as usual, we handle behind closed doors, and after the incident, we're ready to move on.

Meanwhile, Cutler managed to hold on to a bit of his edgy attitude when talking about his bump of Webb (via Jason Wilde):

I probably shouldn't have bumped him. I'll go with that. As far as me yelling at him and trying to get him going in the game, I don't regret that. Shouldn't have bumped him, though. I'll stick with that.

Should you really care about Bumpgate? Probably not, but the NFL has enough time between each game that anything can turn into a big storyline. If Cutler gets back to business and Webb protects his blind side well in Week 3 against the St. Louis Rams, the vibe around the Bears offense could change very quickly. Here's to hoping it happens soon, because analyzing bumps, arguments and apologies isn't nearly as fun as talking about football.

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