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VIDEO: Derrick Rose, Adidas Drop Third Installment Of #TheReturn

While Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose continues his rehab from a torn ACL suffered in the spring, adidas basketball released the third installment of its video series chronicling the whole shebang, "The Return of D Rose."

Over the course of the video, Rose works out a whole lot and talks about his obvious desire to get back on the court, but he also touches on how the injury has gave him the opportunity to take a step back a little back after entering the NBA at the young age of 19.

Arguably Chicago's most beloved active sports player, a big part of it is Rose's obvious passion for the game and a willingness to be astonishingly human in a way that few superstars would be.

The injury has given me time to appreciate the people that are around me, be grateful for what I have, just live life... I'm 23 but I've been in the league since I was 19, so just doing what you're supposed to do, that's all you have to do... Hard work pays off, and I seen it actually pay off the year I won MVP. I worked extremely hard, so I know that all this stuff is going to pay off one day.

Considering Rose's obvious drive to get back on the court, you have to imagine that we'll see him in 2012 despite the previously reported possibility that he could miss the entire season. Right now, he's not expected back before the All Star break at the earliest.

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