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Smokin' Jay Cutler Is Your New Favorite Tumblr

Jay Cutler's four interception game vs. the Green Bay Packers happened one week ago tomorrow, but the debate surrounding the Chicago Bears quarterback seemingly reaches new heights with each passing day. Cutler's on-field behavior during the Bears' 23-10 loss, specifically his scream + shove combo directed at maligned left tackle J'Marcus Webb, remains quite possibly the biggest story in football as the NFL pushes towards its third week.


Every way you look, Jay Cutler is getting run through the mud: by former teammates, current teammates, Hall of Fame quarterbacks, ect. All of the posturing, all of the rhetoric has become overbearing at this point, a cascade of noise so loud someone is bound to make one of those "LEAVE JAY CUTLER ALONE" videos soon enough.


That's why Smokin' Jay Cutler debuted at the perfect time. Just when this heavy-handed controversy was starting to sap the fun out of football, the new Tumblr reminded us that sports are at their best when you can laugh at them. Forget debate over whether or not Cutler should apologize to Webb. Just take a look at this series of Photoshop'd pictures of the Bears quarterback with a cigarette in his mouth. It's easier this way. Never has his apathy been captured so succinctly.