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Cubs Are No Longer 2012 World Series Champions, According To NBC TV Show

Hollywood is a magical place of make believe, but even the creators of NBC's new science fiction series, Revolution couldn't expand their imagination enough to consider the Chicago Cubs as 2012 World Series champs.


As shown in this Deadspin story, the creators of Revolution, which picks up in the year 2027 after some unexplained force kills all electricity on the planet in 2012. The show includes a scene from an overgrown and abandoned Wrigley Field, but the show's creators made a practical change to the scene from the initial trailer released earlier in the year.


In the trailer, the famous Wrigley Field marquee included "2012 World Series Champions" on the bottom of the sign. As the images in the story show, the bottom of the marquee was blank for the show's premier on Monday night. With the Cubs 30 games out of first place in the NL Central Division, even the most creative science fiction writers would struggle to develop a plausible explanation for the Cubs winning the World Series at this point.


Much easier to just leave the marquee blank.