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Jay Cutler's Treatment Of J'Marcus Webb Draws Criticism From Teammate D.J. Moore

If you happened to watch Thursday's game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, you probably saw three things: Chicago losing 23-10, quarterback Jay Cutler getting sacked and hit like clockwork, and Cutler shoulder-bumping his left tackle, J'Marcus Webb, after a long rant following a stalled drive. Cutler has been incredibly vocal about his criticisms for his teammate, and now someone else has chimed in: D.J. Moore.

That's definitely a fair criticism, and lends even more weight to much of the doubt regarding Cutler's leadership. Cutler has said he won't back down from his comments to Webb, saying that he made them "because he cares." Not openly criticizing Webb and intentionally bumping into him on the sidelines would evidently be a sign that Cutler does not care and, in fact, enjoys being sacked.

The fact that a fellow teammate is coming out and saying this is definitely a bad sign. Moore also followed it up with two more Tweets (here and here), saying that Cutler "just can't do that." We'll see if the Bears come out and force Cutler to make some kind of apology to Webb in the media.

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