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SportsCenter Graphic Mistakenly Matches Derrick Rose's Face With NHL Owners, Chicago Bears

Derrick Rose is in takeover mode, folks. According to the people at ESPN, the Chicago Bulls' star point guard was involved enough in NHL collective bargaining negotiations and the Thursday night NFL game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers to fit in as the lead on-screen graphic during SportsCenter coverage of both topics.

Photo Essay!: Derrick Rose Unveils New Signature Shoes, Logo, Apparel Line At Adidas Event

Timothy Burke at Deadspin identified these hilarious production gaffes at the Booyah network for our entertainment, so if you want to see Derrick Rose pop up in random segments on professional sports he doesn't play, be sure to take a quick look.

Of course, Rose did have a big event with Adidas that went down on Thursday, so let's discuss that for a second.

SB Nation Chicago editor Ricky O'Donnell recently attended an Adidas event in Chicago where D-Rose unveiled a new apparel line, and he got to experience some of the emotional moments that came during the star PG's reflections on his path to the NBA:

Rose can run like the wind and jump out the building, but this singular moment, as much as anything else, is the reason he's so adored. Could you imagine Cutler being so raw? Even other NBA stars like Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul or Deron Williams? Of course not. Rose couldn't hold back his emotions as he spoke to his rough upbringing in the South Side neighborhood of Englewood, the cite of so much violence during Chicago's summer of blood. Rose continued: "I could have easily went down that other road like some of the people in my neighborhood."

Check out the exclusive video that Ricky captured on his smartphone as well: