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Packers' Charles Woodson On Bears QB: 'Same Old Jay'

The Green Bay Packers' defense teed off against the Chicago Bears' offensive line throughout their 23-10 victory on Thursday night. After collecting four interceptions, seven sacks and a million QB hurries (an informal estimate) off of Jay Cutler and company, Packers players felt pretty good about their game plan and execution. Star safety Charles Woodson spoke in a matter-of-fact way about how the team attacked Cutler and the Bears' offense after the game with ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols:

"It's the same old Jay. We just need to be in position. Jay will throw us the ball."

Let's take a minute to digest that comment.

The funny thing about Woodson's line is that Bears defenders used to say the exact same thing about future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre. The Packers legend's pick-and-stick style of QB play has been a point of comparison for Cutler throughout Jay's NFL career, so what Woodson had to say isn't exactly an indictment of Cutler's skill. In reality, those comments speak to Jay's aggressive style and trust in his arm, which are two things the Bears hope to harness and exploit in the final 14 games of the regular season.

There's still no doubt that Cutler has the natural ability to ascend into the class of top-five quarterbacks in the NFL, but better protection, better mechanics and better decision-making will all have to coalesce for his potential to be met. In any case, Jay wants everyone to know that he is completely focused on winning football games (via CSN-Chicago):

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