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Brandon Marshall Knew Marvin Harrison's Reception Record Off Top Of His Head

After making nine catches in his debut game with the Chicago Bears last Sunday, Brandon Marshall made quite the observation to media members speaking with teammate Jay Cutler on Wednesday: if he keeps up that exact pace for the entire of the season, he'll break Marvin Harrison's single-season receptions record with 144.

Marshall proceeded to note that he knew Harrison's record, 143 catches in 2002 with the Indianapolis Colts, right off the top of his head, something he seemingly does as motivation:

My goal was never just to make it to the NFL. It was to try to be one of the best when I made it. So (dating) back to my rookie year I knew some of the receiver records whether it’s franchise or in the NFL. To achieve that, I think you have to have awareness of where you’re at or what’s already out there. I’m familiar with that.

Over the past five seasons, Marshall has averaged roughly 95 catches per year, one of the best marks in the NFL. He was especially prolific in three years playing on the Denver Broncos, putting up over 100 receptions annually for three straight seasons. Cutler was Denver's quarterback in two of those seasons before being dealt to Chicago.

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