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Notre Dame Plans To Maintain Football Independence Despite ACC Move

In moving to the ACC, as announced Wednesday, Notre Dame feels it can still maintain its traditional football independence. The Irish have agreed to play five ACC opponents each year and every ACC school once every three years.

"This approach allows us to help promote ACC football while maintaining our traditional rivalries and a national schedule," said (Notre Dame director of athletics Jack) Swarbrick, who added that Notre Dame will be a part of the ACC's non-BCS bowl package.

This means that with only five games a year locked in, the Irish can still play such schools as USC, Michigan, Michigan State and Navy, with which it has an annual rivalry. Or it can establish new rivalries with other teams in other parts of the country and increase their exposure beyond the Midwest and Los Angeles and Maryland.

Notre Dame can also join in the ACC's non-BCS bowl game tie-in package.

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