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Bears Vs. Packers: Jay Cutler Says 'We Invite Press Coverage'

Jay Cutler has won one of six starts against the Green Bay Packers since coming to Chicago. Talking on ESPN 1000's Waddle & Silvy Show on Tuesday, Cutler sounded like a man who has no doubt that record will change for the better in 2012, thanks to the Bears' revamped receiving corps:

"We've got some dudes that, if you're gonna get up in their face, even our speed guys are gonna get around them, and our big guys are gonna throw and go," Cutler said. "So we invite press coverage. We invite man (coverage). If we get that type of game, our guys outside have to make some plays for us."

Cutler was 21-of-35 for 333 yards and two touchdowns with one pick in Chicago's 41-21 win over the Colts Sunday, presumably helping his confidence - if he ever lost any - after missing the last six games of 2011. Now that 6'5" Brandon Marshall and 6'3" rookie Alshon Jeffery are working the outside for Cutler, no longer should Matt Forte have to do all the catching and the running when the Bears travel to Lambeau.