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Notre Dame Football: Irish Fans Are Pleased With Purdue Victory

Notre Dame is 2-0 to start the college football season after defeating Pudue, and they've moved up in the rankings to No. 20. There were struggles, but the folks over at One Foot Down seemed relatively happy with the team's performance:

In the end, it was nice to see the team gut out the win, especially with the injuries. Even with the poor line play and sacks the team still ended up +88 in total yard differential and had another positive turnover differential with zero interceptions. We'll see if the offense can address some of its issues when they travel to East Lansing this Saturday night---they'll need to in order to win.

Notre Dame will have to play well this weekend if they want to start the season 3-0, as they hit the road to face the No.10 team in the nation. The Spartans have started the season with victories against Boise State and Central Michigan. The game will be aired on ABC Saturday night at 7 p.m. CT.

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