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Colts Vs. Bears: Jay Cutler Recognized For Strong Performance

The Chicago Bears got off to a rough start against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, but found their stride by the second quarter and managed to put up 17 points in that frame alone. There were a lot of positives to take away from the game when you get away from the stunningly poor play of the offensive line through the first quarter of the game, but what's the biggest takeaway?

Well, many Bears fans feel the biggest takeaway was that quarterback Jay Cutler put together a great performance. In fact, Dane Noble over at Windy City Gridiron gave Cutler the Week 1 Game Ball:

Where a lot of QBs start questioning themselves when things go badly, Cutler has always liked to start throwing bombs after INTs - Sort of an "eff you" mentality that they can't keep him down. This week was no exception.

After the INT, Cutler got it together, and in a big way. He connected with WR Brandon Marshall 9 times out of 15 targets, had a 41 yard bomb for a TD to rookie Alshon Jeffery, connected with Earl Bennett on three more passes, and spread the ball around to six different receivers.

It's always great when a quarterback doesn't let a mistake get to him and is able to come back with a vengeance. He finished with 333 yards and a pair of touchdowns against one interception. He was 21-for-35 on pass attempts and sported a 98.9 rating. It was an altogether impressive performance and well-deserving of the game ball.

They listed Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Michael Bush, Tim Jennings and Chris Conte as honorable mentions.

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