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Alshon Jeffery Establishes Himself As Bears No. 2 Wide Receiver In Win Over Colts

The Chicago Bears served up an impressive offering for their opener on Sunday, besting the Indianapolis Colts 41-21 to make it to 1-0 on the season. Things got off to a slow start, but 17 second-quarter points set the pace for the Bears, who put up scores in the third and fourth quarters as well. One big catalyst for their offensive success was rookie second-round pick Alshon Jeffery, who caught three passes for 80 yards.

As noted by Jef Dickerson of ESPN Chicago, Jeffery is the clear-cut No. 2 receiver going forward. Or at least, that's how the Bears used him in Week 1 and likely how they'll use him going forward. With Brandon Marshall as the No. 1 guy, Jeffery showed a lot of explosiveness on the outside and that's likely where he'll remain, while Earl Bennett will play the slot.

With someone like Devin Hester still on the roster, it's still up in the air as to how many snaps Jeffery gets and where his spot actually is on the official depth chart. But if he continues to turn three receptions into 80 yards on a regular basis, he'll officially be given the nod sooner rather than later. Until then, he's looking like Jay Cutler's No. 2 option when they're actually out on the field.

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