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Bears Vs. Colts: CB Tim Jennings Helps Key Week 1 Victory

Chicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings used his veteran experience to dominate rookie Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts passing attack all game Sunday. The result: two interceptions and four passes defended, one which led directly to a teammate's interception.

The crafty veteran pulled the "rope-a-dope" on Luck for one of his interceptions, writes John Mullin of CSN Chicago. WIth Donnie Avery streaking down the sideline, Jennings gave him some extra cushion. He knew he was closer to Avery than Luck thought, and he knew he had safety help over top. When the pass was thrown, Jennings sped up, lept, and pulled down one his two interceptions.

"I set [Luck] up, absolutely," said Jennings. "I knew exactly where Avery was, knew I had my safety help over the top, and knew I had the speed I needed to close that little gap I let in there.

"It was perfect rope-a-dope," Jennings added, laughing.

Jennings is in his seventh NFL season. He began his career with the Colts but was cut after the 2009 season. This is his third season with the Bears.

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