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Women Falls Off Bears Themed Stripper Pole At Soldier Field Tailgate

You know you are a real piece of shit when your editor hits you up on Gchat with this:


I guess I really haven't given him many reasons not to believe this is right up my ally, but still, I write some actually informative things sometimes. Then again, now that my primary beat is dead and gone (damn you, Jenny McCarthy), I guess it is time for me to apply myself to something even slimier. So, here we are.

If you'd like to see a video of a women completely crash and burn after trying to do some awesome stripper pole moves, please follow me beyond the jump.

Ah, random-lady-at-the-Bears-tailgate-trying-to-impress-the-boys-with-her-sexy-spin-moves-on-a-blue-and-orange-stripper-pole, I salute you and the many bruises your back side with be sporting for the next three weeks or so.

H/t Deadspin.

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