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Jay Cutler Shines In Chicago Bears Victory Over Colts

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had a nightmare start to Sunday's game vs. the Indianapolis Colts, going 1-for-10 and having an interception returned from a touchdown. But from then on out, Cutler looked like a quarterback who could put up one of the best seasons in the league in 2012.

Cutler finished the game with 333 yards and two touchdowns, both of which went to new acquisitions in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Cutler would ideally like to improve his efficiency (he was only 21-of-35) but that big play ability has to be mighty encouraging. On Sunday after the game, Cutler chalked up his shaky start to a bout of early season jitters.

"It was a lot of just nerves and the start of the season," Cutler said. "But we were able to work through it and put up some points. I'd rather just start off hot and continue hot. But it's never a bad thing whenever you're able to overcome it."

(via ESPN Chicago)

The Bears will take on the Green Bay Packers, who were shredded on Sunday by Alex Smith, this Thursday night.

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