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Navy Vs. Notre Dame 2012: Game Time, TV Schedule, Spread And More

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team kicks off the 2012 season at 9 a.m. CT Saturday against Navy -- in Dublin, Ireland. The game will be televised on CBS. This is the second time the teams have played each other in Dublin.

Notre Dame defeated Navy 56-14 last season. Despite the fact that the game is taking place in a foreign country, turnout of American fans is still expected to be high, according to the LA Times:

An estimated 35,000 fans of Notre Dame and Navy have traveled to Ireland for the game. And it's not just Dublin that is getting a boost in tourism.

"Dublin is full, there are people staying 50 miles away," said Tim Fenn, chief executive of the Irish Hotels Federation. "What has been great about this particular event has been the fact that it has taken the people out into the regions."

Notre Dame is favored to win by 14 points.

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