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2012 Summer Olympics Medal Count: U.S. Leads China 90-80

While the Chinese had the highest medal count for the first week-plus of the 2012 London Olympics, the United States has burst ahead in recent days with success in a variety of events, including the gold medal in women's soccer. The Americans now have 90 medals total in this year's games, well ahead of the 80 medals that China has accumulated.

The United States also took the lead in gold medals recently, with a 39-37 advantage in golds over Team China at the moment. Great Britain is the only other nation with more than 12 gold medals, the Brits have 25 as hosts, but the Russians are third in total medal count, beating out the British 56-52.

The current top 10:

1. United States (90; 39 gold, 25 silver, 26 bronze)
2. China (80; 37 gold, 24 silver, 19 bronze)
3. Russa (56)
4. Great Britain (52)
5. Germany (37)
6. Japan (33)
T7. France (29)
T7. Australia (29)
9. South Korea (25)
10. Italy (19)

SB Nation Studios has put together another video update on the medal count, which you can check out below.

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago. For comprehensive coverage of the 2012 London Games, visit SB Nation's Olympics news hub. Stay up to date on the medal count with Sports Illustrated's tracker.