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Chicago Bears Sign Former DE Alex Brown To One-Day Contract So He Can Retire With Team

Professional sports are usually pretty great but occasionally they can become overly sentimental and a little cheesy. These things are, quite obviously, very subjective.

On Wednesday night, the Chicago Bears announced they had signed Alex Brown to a one-day contract so the former defensive end could retire with the team. Brown was drafted by Chicago in 2002 and was let go prior to the 2010 season. Brown spent one year with the New Orleans Saints but didn't play last season. He will retire immediately; the gesture is only a symbol of the Bears' appreciation for Brown during his years with the team.

So: is this cool or sort of unnecessary? I suppose it depends on how cynical you are. Brown was certainly a key component to the Bears' Super Bowl XLI loser, but this announcement feels a bit out of left field. Brown does work in the local media, so I suppose it's a nice way to put his playing days to rest. I'm just not certain how essential it was. If Alex Brown signs a one-day contract to retire with Chicago, aren't there at least 20 guys who used to play for the Bears who could warrant the same treatment?

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