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Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari Have A Baby (He's Named Camden, Obviously)

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Jay Cutler is now the father of more than forehead-slapping interceptions and mind-bending completions thrown while being chased by two defensive linemen. His wife Kristin Cavallari gave birth to the couple's first child, Camden Jack Cutler, early Wednesday morning.

Cutler and Cavallari have been engaged to be married since April 2011, but put off their wedding until the birth of their son. Cutler, of course, proposed to Cavallari in Cabo San Lucas, and the wedding location has been narrowed to three coastal cities in central Florida. (That may or may not be true.)

The Bears will take on the Denver Broncos— Cutler's old team— this Thursday at Soldier Field, but there's been no word whether Cutler will play. The Bears may want to give the kid some run at left tackle. At the very least, he doesn't yet understand the concept of "holding."

For some insight on what Jay Cutler's face looks like when you try and take a cell phone photo of him, read SBN Chicago Ricky O'Donnell's most recent dispatch from Bears training camp in Bourbonnais.